Happy Maha ShivRatri to all

Happy Maha Shivratri to all from my end. It has been said that one should not pour milk on the Shivling today. Nowadays, society tries to pave the path for others and lay down ground rules. Why I can’t do things as per my will and wish? Why my right to practice my religion needs a certificate from others? When people can actually waste cake on someone’s face, do they have the right to tell me what to do? Society needs a drastic change and it should get started now. People see what others are doing and passing comments as per their wish, why? Do they own others? then why they create opinions? When their opinion doesn’t matter. Talking about myself, my relatives used to feel I won’t get married ever, now when I am getting married they need digestive pills 😉

With time one understands that others don’t have rights over our brain, we do, so the simpler we keep our life, the better we become. No matter where life takes you, keep smiling and spread happiness around. Your life is sorted only when you keep hurtful words away from your heart and mind straight to your path. Care only about the opinion of your family and keep going. Loads of love, the travelling girl 🙂